How to Exchange LTC to ETH?


The cryptocurrency market is evolving as new coins come on the scene. Today, there are over 7000 different crypto assets, each promising high returns. However, if you look at the list of top 10 coins, you’ll notice the already familiar names. Both Ether and Litecoin are among them. Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency out there, while Litecoin is ranked 6th. If you are willing to buy ETH using LTC, look no further than this guide.

We will help you to convert ETH to LTC without any difficulties. Follow each step carefully in order to make sure you’ve done everything right.

1.     Find Reliable Exchange Service

First of all, your task is to select the right platform, which will provide you with the possibility to exchange cryptocurrencies. For example, you can visit right now in case you don’t want to spend hours analyzing dozens of different websites. 

The platform can boast not only of pleasant UI but also of fast order execution. It takes from 5 to 30 minutes before the exchange process is completed. Besides, it doesn’t require that you register an account. All transactions are anonymous. The only information you need to provide is your wallet address. Due to it, is one of the best ways to exchange Litecoin for Ethereum.

2.     Select the Desired Currencies

In order to swap LTC for ETH, you have to choose Litecoin in the “You Send” field. The “You Get” field will be used to select Ethereum. If you want to convert ETH to LTC, just click the Reverse button. 

The great fact is that will automatically calculate the amount of ETH you’ll receive as soon as you enter how much Litecoin you want to exchange. Also, take into consideration that the basic rate of any digital coin is based on its price in USD. You can check it using the charts below the Godex converter. 

3.     Provide Your Wallet Address

If you want to exchange LTC for ETH, you have to enter your Ethereum wallet address in the “Destination address” field. After it, the service will ask you to also provide your Litecoin wallet address. You need to input this information in the “Sender address” section.

Bear in mind that the service doesn’t set any maximum limits, and your LTC address will be used for the refunds if necessary. As soon as you make sure you’ve entered the correct information, just click the “Exchange” button.

4.     Deposit to an LTC Address

If you’ve done everything right, the service will generate a special LTC address for your deposit. Just use it to send the necessary amount of Litecoins. When the platform receives your funds, it’ll start the exchange process.

The important fact is that you’ll have a special time window to send crypto to the provided address. The platform will inform you in case you haven’t managed to do it on time. After it, you’ll need to repeat the previous actions in order to get a new address for your deposit.

5.     Exchanging Process

Just sit back and relax, because will do the rest for you. Once you have completed all the above steps, the platform will start the exchanging process right away. Thanks to it, the users are able to get their Ethereum coins as soon as possible.

6.     Check the Balance

The service will inform you immediately when the exchanging process is finished. You’ll be able to check out the results on the “Completed” page. As soon as you make sure everything is okay, you’ll be ready for the next exchange.


It’s not a problem to exchange LTC for ETH if you use There is no necessity to spend hours looking for similar services because you can save your time and get the desired digital coins within several minutes.

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